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How long have you been in the furniture industry and how is your business going ?

How long have you been in the furniture industry and how is your business going ?

Update Time:2022/10/12

Althought the company was new founded in 2021, I started my own business by export agent since 2014. Along the way, we have had tears and joy, pain and happiness, failure and success.

I remember many nights that we worked with the workers all night in the workshop to catch up with the delivery time.

I remember we lost a lot of money because of the quality issues that caused customers abandon the goods.

I remember the team disbanded because of the different view that caused us all our previous achievements gone.

However, I also remember the time that our members work so hard to achieve a small goal;

I also remember we go to the different cities to find the good quality suppliers to meet our customers’ requirement;

I also remember the happinest time that customers recognize our products and services.

We believe that through our hard working and step by step accumulation, we can achieve our goals and help our customers grow up. 

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