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Why is your price so high ?

Why is your price so high ?

Update Time:2022/10/12

Here is my thoughts that would like to share with you :

I think you will agree with me that “why should you choose to work with us” is not because how good we are or how cheap the price is of our offer. It is because our offer meets your needs and our product is able to achieve your desired result and performance.

So I am sure price itself can not be the only factor that stops you from exploring us who might surpirse you in a good way. Besides, you probably want to make sure we are comparing apple to apple when you mentioned our price is “relatively high” shall you have any comparison at hand.

I am sure you know well that different quality of material used and different designing adopted make much difference on the price. Customers concern mostly about the furnitures durability & performance and the after-sales services, so I guess you definitely will be in the same line with us that qualified services and durable furnitures are strongly dependent on reasonable profit for suppliers. A low price is more possible to end-up being never-ending troubles. There is no shortage of cheap products in the world, but there is a lack of good ones. The only disadvantage of expensive things is that they are expensive, the only advantage of cheap things is that they are cheap.


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