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How to Keep Your Fabric Sofa Fresh Longer?

How to Keep Your Fabric Sofa Fresh Longer?

Aug 15,2022
There's nothing better than buying a brand new sofa, even if it's just an idea. But, as a new lounge suite owner, you want to make sure your sofa stays clean and fresh for as long as possible; allowing you to enjoy it to the fullest without being embarrassed by muddy stains or evidence of last week's dinner.

Over time, your sofa will inevitably get dirty and may even experience some stretching, not to mention an unfortunate tear or thread pulled from a sharp object caught in the fabric. However, there are many ways you can maintain a fabric sofa without spending a fortune or exceeding requirements.
1. Avoid direct sunlight. 

Just as the sun is harmful to your skin, your fabric lounge sofa can also fade in color and look older than it should be. When choosing the best placement in your home, always avoid direct sunlight; make sure you have enough blinds or curtains to accommodate where the sun tends to be very harsh. If not, you may end up having to re-upholster the fabric sofa before the time runs out.
2. Opt for machine washable throws. 

When the cat is gone, the mouse will play. Never underestimate the intelligence of a pet. The moment you leave the house, they'll find a warm, cozy spot on your sofa until you come back -- pretending nothing happened. That's why it's always a good idea to add a machine-washable covering to your fabric lounge kit to protect the fabric from stains and pet hair.
3. Use a suitable attachment to vacuum regularly. 

Figuring out how to maintain your fabric sofa is as easy as making sure you vacuum regularly every week, using a low-suction upholstery attachment. This will allow you to find crumbs and crumbs between the pads and keep dust away. Remember, the better you can take care of your fabric sofa, the longer you will be able to use it.

4. Always lift from the base. 

For whatever reason, you have to move your fabric sofa. Never push, pull or lift the sofa by the cushions attached to the frame. Always lift it by the frame itself to avoid damaging any part of the fabric sofa.
5. Avoid sitting on the armrests. 

Armrests are for resting your arms rather than your entire body. They can't hold your full weight, which is why it's important to never use the armrests of a fabric sofa as a place to rest your hips. Instead, sit comfortably and let your fabric sofa last longer.
6. Replace the seat cushion regularly. 

As habitual animals, we tend to sit in the same spot on a regular basis, causing one side of the sofa to be more worn than the other. Replace your cushions regularly to find their original shape and keep them fresh longer.
7. Never eat on the couch. 

Finally, in order to know how to protect your sofa from stains or find ways to keep your fabric sofa clean, avoid placing food near the sofa in the first place. Instead, choose to eat at the table and avoid a dirty spill if something goes wrong.
Learning how to care for your fabric sofa is as easy as following the tips above; ensuring you can keep your fabric sofa looking fresh longer. While extending the life of your sofa is important, it must also be remembered to enjoy your furniture. If you want to buy a comfortable fabric sofa, please contact us.

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