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Chenille vs Velvet: Which Sofa Fabric Is Right For You?

Chenille vs Velvet: Which Sofa Fabric Is Right For You?

Sep 19,2022
Chenille vs Velvet
You want a soft, luxurious look and easy to manage with a fabric sofa. But when choosing fabric sofa fabrics, many people will have this question: What is the difference between chenille and velvet? Which one is right for me? Read on for answers. 

What is chenille fabric? 

Chenille is our interpretation of the classic chenille fabric. Known for its soft, plush texture, chenille is the ultimate adaptable sofa fabric. Its unique composition means it is suitable for any season, while its beautiful look and feel suit any style.

How about classic velvet?

With its silky soft down and subtle sheen, velvet is one of the most popular fabrics. The density and length of the pile mean you can get all the rich softness you expect from velvet and bring a subtle, refined sheen to the fabric. The classic velvet slip creates a bold, stylish look. 

What is the difference between chenille and velvet?

It's not always about looks. Even the biggest fabric experts will mistake chenille for velvet and vice versa - the two share many similar qualities, especially the soft, shaggy texture. 

To make things even more confusing, the word "velvet" is often used to refer to a variety of textures, as long as they're soft and fuzzy. 

So what's the real difference? The key determining factor is how the fabric is woven. While both chenille and velvet are fuzzy to the touch, the methods used to create this fluff are quite different. Velvet is a woven tufted fabric, so its pile is created by cutting lines evenly distributed in the fabric, creating dense, regular piles.

Chenille is also woven, but its fuzz texture is created by its nap, which is created when the finished fabric is lightly brushed, which combs out the fibers for a silky feel. The chenille fuzz is usually much finer than the velvet fuzz. 

The above briefly introduces the difference between chenille fabric and velvet fabric. If you want to customize or buy different fabrics sofas, please contact us.

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