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How to Properly Maintain a Velvet Sofa?

How to Properly Maintain a Velvet Sofa?

Sep 15,2022
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The interior of our family is a reflection of our inner selves. Velvet fabric is an indulgence that not many dare to accept. But if the opportunity presents itself, buying a velvet fabric sofa will change your living space forever. If you decide to make the extravagant decision to add a piece of luxury furniture to your home, you will need to know how to care for a velvet sofa the right way.

What is velvet?

To know how to care for a velvet sofa the right way, you need to know what the material is. It was previously made of tufted silk, a rather expensive textile. Unlike other fabrics, this fabric is not a plain weave. It requires more material and is woven in two thicknesses. Intricate craftsmanship gives the fabric its signature softness, which is where the term "soft as velvet" comes from.

Pure velvet is becoming more and more difficult to find in modern times. Even if you do come across real velvet, it's expensive. Now, it is more commonly made of viscose, also known as art silk. But if you do buy a velvet sofa, no matter the type, you need to know the best way to clean it. So, first, check your velvet sofa's label and check for:

The material from which it is made;

Nursing instructions;

Cleaning instructions.

Natural fiber velvet will be more refined than synthetic velvet. If your velvet sofa is made of synthetic material, you can steam clean it at home because synthetic velvet is more durable and less prone to creasing, fading, and damage than natural fiber velvet. If the velvet is made from natural materials, we recommend that you have a professional upholstery cleaner do the job.

How to properly maintain a velvet sofa?

Although velvet is classified as a delicate fabric, it is actually very durable when properly cared for. That's why it's crucial to learn how to properly care for a velvet sofa. The best thing about velvet is that it's like a fine wine that only gets better with the years.

The maintenance of velvet furniture is actually quite simple. The solution is to incorporate their care-related tasks into your routine. We recommend adding some simple chores to your weekly cleaning list:

1. When you're vacuuming the lounge floor or carpet, quickly swap the attachment for a room cleaner and remove any dust, debris, fluff, and anything else from the velvet sofa.

2. Get a velvet brush for your sofa. You must first figure out how the velvet fibers are woven. Brush your sofa in that direction.

3. While working on one of the two tasks above, you may encounter creases, unnatural lines, or even old stains that you missed. This is when you should get out your upholstery steam cleaner. However, if you're not sure about the fibers that make up velvet benches, or you know they're made from natural materials, you may want to consider hiring a professional cleaner. They will clean your sofa using dry cleaning methods that won't cause any damage to your beautiful furniture.

How to properly maintain a velvet sofa - remove stains?

If you have pets, children, or just a messy member of the family, stains are bound to happen sooner or later. So when the inevitable happens, you need to be prepared.

The first rule about stains - catch them on time. If they've had time to dry and set in the velvet fabric, it's nearly impossible to remove them. Here are our tips on what to do with fresh stains:

1. When a new spill lands on the couch, the first thing to do is grab a few paper towels or absorbent cloths. Place it carefully on the stain. Do not rub or tap, as this may push it further into the fibers of the bench. Leave on for 5-10 minutes to absorb as much as possible.

2. Now you should have a solution for your velvet sofa. We recommend that you prepare a nice deep bowl. Pour 100ml of lemon juice into a bowl and add a tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate. The mixture will foam, creating foam and air bubbles on top. Dip the cloth into the foam part of the solution and apply it to the stain.

3. Another option to create a solution is to pour 50ml of water into a cup or bowl and add a few drops of washing-up liquid. Give a quick stir to form a foam and use only the foaming foam to clean the velvet upholstery.

4. Whichever mixture you decide to use, use a white cleaning cloth to gently blot the stain. Continue to blot until it is no longer visible.

5. Now let the upholstery air dry. Once completely dry, vacuum the surface to make it look smooth, and make sure the stain blends in with the rest of the velvet sofa.

A few tips from professionals

1. When placing the velvet sofa in the living space, please choose a place that cannot be reached by direct sunlight.

2. If you have kids or pets, it may be worth considering putting a protective cover over your velvet bench to avoid damage and wear.

3. Your velvet sofa may or may not have cushions. If so, loosen them regularly.

4. Be sure to read the wash label before attempting any cleaning process on the velvet sofa.

5. If you find old stains on the sofa, please use a steam cleaner to deal with them, or contact a professional cleaner.

6. If in doubt, please contact a professional upholstery cleaner. You don't want to cause unnecessary damage to your luxury furniture.

The above briefly describes the care steps and precautions for a velvet sofa. If you want to customize or buy a velvet sofa, please contact us.

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