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How to Get Rid of Odors on the Fabric Sofa?

How to Get Rid of Odors on the Fabric Sofa?

Nov 7,2022
Fabric Sofa
Fabric Sofa
Many sofas begin to smell bad as dirt, grease, hair, and food debris build-up. The sofa can also quickly stink if a pet or child urinates on the couch, or if you let a friend with smelly feet spend the night on the couch. Whatever the reason, it's easy to get rid of odors from your sofa.

Removing odors from your sofa, whether it's pet odor, urine, musty, or other unpleasant odors, is not as difficult as you might think. First, find the right sofa deodorant for you.

Second, regularly perform a sofa deodorization program. Completing these two steps ensures that your sofa is where you enjoy your free time.

Remove Odor from Sofa

Before cleaning or deodorizing the sofa, vacuum any loose hair, dirt, dust, and debris. Sometimes a good vacuum can get rid of musty smells without the need for a cleaner.

Vacuum Sofa

Remove the sofa cushion from the sofa and set it aside. Remove loose dirt from sofa bases, armrests and headrests with the upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum the sides of the seat cushion before putting them back in place. If your sofa has only a slight musty smell, take the opportunity to lightly spray it with an air freshener to refresh it.

Homemade Fabric Sofa Deodorant Recipe

Use baking soda as a natural homemade sofa deodorant. Not only does this alkaline powder absorb and remove unpleasant odors well, it's also inexpensive and non-toxic. This is an overnight deodorant, so be sure to use it at the right time.

Remove the sofa cushions and place them on a flat surface. Sprinkle a fine layer of baking soda on the top and bottom of each seat cushion and the back and armrests of the sofa.

Let the powder sit on the couch overnight, then vacuum any odor-absorbing residue in the morning before placing the cushion back on the couch.

Remove Urine Smell from Fabric Sofa Cover

If your sofa has a "W" or "SW" on the care label and the cushions have removable covers, wash them in the washing machine to remove the urine smell from the sofa.

Machine Wash Sofa Cover

Unzip the back and slide out the inner cushion to remove the cover. Put them in the washing machine according to the directions on the label.

Set the washer to a gentle cycle and wash the cover with your favorite laundry detergent. Let them air dry to prevent shrinkage.

Deodorize Microfiber or Synthetic Sofas

White vinegar is effective at removing odors from smelly microfiber sofas, while essential oils leave a pleasant scent behind. This recipe calls for lavender oil, but any of your favorite oils will work.

Pour water into a bottle and add white vinegar and lavender oil. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to your cleanser to increase the deodorant effect.

If you plan to use it multiple times, shake the container well to mix and label. Stand a foot away from the surface of the couch and spray deodorant over the entire area. Wipe off excess moisture with a paper towel.

Remove Odors from Fabric Sofas

While rubbing alcohol kills odor-causing bacteria, white vinegar acts like an enzymatic cleaner that removes the smell of cat urine. Adding your favorite essential oil to the solution will not only freshen up the deodorant but also mask the smell of vinegar.

Pour water, rubbing alcohol, white vinegar, and a few drops of lemon oil into a spray bottle and shake well. If your sofa has removable cushions, remove them from the sofa and set them aside.

Stand a foot away from the couch and spray deodorant over the entire surface. Spray the solution on the sides of the sofa cushions and hold them upright. Wipe off excess deodorant spray with a paper towel.

Remove the Smell of Smoke from the Fabric Sofa

If you have smokers in your home, or the smell of burnt dinner lingers on the sofa fabric, try a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. This formula is also great for removing odors from mattresses.

Before painting the sofa, test the color fastness on an inconspicuous area of the upholstery. Combine vinegar and hydrogen peroxide in a bottle sprayer and shake well.

Stand a foot away from the sofa and spray the deodorant evenly over the surface of the sofa. Blot any areas that have received excessive spray with a paper towel. The solution neutralizes the odor of smoke as it evaporates.

Use a Steam Cleaner to Remove Odors from Your Fabric Sofa

If your sofa has an unpleasant smell that a deodorant spray can't get rid of, a steam cleaner is another option. Steam kills odor-causing germs and bacteria on many sofa types. Steam cleaners are also ideal for removing cat urine odors from carpets.

Remove the sofa's cushions and set them aside. Prepare for cleaning by following the instructions in the steam cleaner manual. Use the upholstery accessory to steam clean the sofa back and armrest sections, making sure to overlap each area as you go.

Repeat the same process on the top and bottom of each pad. Allow the sofa to dry completely before placing the seat cushions back on the sofa. Turn on the fan and open the windows for faster drying time.

The first step in removing sofa odors is to understand which cleaning products are used for your particular sofa. Once you figure it out, keeping your sofa odor-free is as simple as filling a spray bottle with the right DIY deodorant, using a store-bought air freshener, or cleaning the surface of your sofa to remove bad odors. If your sofa already needs to be replaced, or if you want to replace it with a new one, please contact us.

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