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8 Top Tips for Choosing a Fabric Headboard

8 Top Tips for Choosing a Fabric Headboard

Nov 21,2022
fabric headboard
fabric headboard
Choosing a fabric headboard might not be something you spend a lot of time thinking about, but the perfect headboard can really change the look and feel of your bedroom. To help you find the perfect fabric headboard for your bed, we've created 8 great tips to help you choose the right fabric headboard.

Important Note 1 – Padding

If you've used an upholstered headboard before, you'll know that some are sparse and uncomfortable, while some are just right, and others are over-padded. When shopping for a fabric headboard, consider your filling preferences and choose a headboard with the right amount of filling or filling to suit you and your needs. For example, you'll be leaning against a headboard, in which case you'll want a headboard with proper padding to accommodate the weight of your head.

Important Note 2 - Size

It goes without saying that your fabric headboard should be proportional to the size of your bed. This doesn't mean that if you have a double bed then you need to opt for a twin headboard - in some cases, the headboard may be a bit bigger than the bed itself, but you should make sure it's not too small. When in doubt, measure the width of your bed before buying, and compare the measurements to the headboard you're considering. Remember - wall-mounted headboards are independent of the size of the bed, while floor-mounted and rear-mounted headboards must match the size of the bed.

Important Tip 3 – Determine Your Headboard Type

There are 3 types of fabric headboards to choose from - headboards with pillars, wall-mounted headboards, and floor-standing headboards. A headboard with pillars enables you to mount the headboard directly to the bed frame, so when you move the bed, the headboard moves with it.
A wall-mounted headboard attaches to the wall behind the bed, where you want it, and stays in place. Floor-to-ceiling headboards are attached to the bed and extend to the floor behind the bed. Your ideal type of fabric headboard depends on your personal preferences and the desired look you plan to achieve.

Important Tip 4 – Choose Complementary Colors

As with any furniture or accessory, you want it to work perfectly with your existing decor. Choose a color that complements the color of the bed frame as well as the paint on the walls to ensure the fabric headboard blends in seamlessly. Remember, if your sofa bed frame doesn't fit the color of the headboard you're buying, you can always purchase a bed curtain to cover the sofa bed frame.

Important Tip 5 – Decide Your Fabric

With so many different types of upholstered headboards on the market, you can be dazzled when it comes to the fabric and finish of a new headboard. As for colors, choose fabrics that complement the rest of the bedroom furniture and choose from a variety of fabrics including jacquard, chenille, velvet, linen, and even faux alligator!

Important Tip 6 – Choose Free Samples

To make sure you end up with the perfect fabric for an upholstered headboard, buy from a company that offers free fabric swatches so you can see and touch exactly what you're getting in terms of quality, color, and feel.

Important Tip 7 – What is your style

Style is a very personal thing and a very important factor to consider when redecorating. Fabric headboards are available in a variety of contemporary and traditional styles, so you're sure to find something that suits your tastes best. The traditional tufted button and upholstered style complement the traditional bed frame, while the sleek, contemporary fabric headboard is upholstered in chic fabrics with a minimalist design, perfect for a more contemporary look.

Important Note 8 – Delivery

We're not often prepared to wait long for something new, and buying furniture like headboards is no exception. To ensure you receive your new furniture in the shortest possible time, choose to buy in-store or online from a company that offers courier services.

Now that you've followed our top 8 tips for fabric headboards, you're sure to make the right decision and choose the right upholstered headboard for your bedroom. If you want to buy a fabric headboard, welcome to contact us.

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