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How to Choose the Right Fabrics for Your Furniture?

How to Choose the Right Fabrics for Your Furniture?

Dec 5,2022
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Unlike other decorations, furniture decoration is like major surgery of furniture. While drapes and table pads can be replaced frequently, one wrong move of the furniture fabric can do a lot of damage to the furniture we have used for years.

Before furniture decoration, it is necessary to ensure that the structure is strong, the corner braces are firm, and the overall structure is stable. Next is the fabric, and it's plentiful. Designing and decorating a beloved piece of furniture can be overwhelming, and chairs and sofas often become just that. Therefore, it is important to understand what are natural and synthetic materials and how we choose them for our fabric furniture.

Natural Fabric

Natural fabrics have fibers produced by plants and animals. They are breathable and a great choice for people with sensitive skin and allergies.

Cotton fibers are durable, soft, easy to clean, and highly absorbent. However, cotton is prone to wrinkling and fading. It also stains very easily and requires fabric protection to reduce blemishes. It cannot be used on a chair in full sunlight.

Linen does not fade easily, but stains and wrinkles easily. In places with high humidity, linen can develop mildew, which is not very hygienic.

Leather is a strong material that is easy to clean, and tough but softens over time. It is also available in a variety of finishes and different grades with varying levels of durability and strength.

Silk is smooth, luxurious, and has a natural luster. It's strong and resilient, but expensive and easily damaged by sunlight.

Chemical Fiber Fabric

Synthetic fabrics are made by converting chemicals into bundles of fibers. Stronger and more durable than natural fibers, it is durable and resistant to fading, fraying, and tearing.

Acrylic fibers are durable, resist sun damage and dry quickly. It is tough so it can be used for outdoor seating.

Nylon is also tough, stain and wrinkle-resistant, but fades quickly.

Polyester by itself is very fragile, but when blended with microfiber, it is highly resistant to stains, wrinkles, sunlight, and scratches. It lasts a long time.

Before choosing any kind of fabric, it is crucial to understand the purpose, lifespan, and location of the furniture. Depending on the style of chair you plan to decorate, the material can be chosen accordingly.

The 3 Main Criteria for Choosing a Fabric Are:

1. The Durability of the Fabric

If the chair is going to be used as much as it is in the main living area, it can be upholstered with a durable fabric. Nylon and polyester are good choices, especially with children and pets in mind.

2. Color and Pattern

Colors and patterns should complement, not clash with, surrounding room decor. Various materials with textured finishes add depth to the room. Neutrals and clean, crisp fabrics offer a fresh feel, while embellished weaves add warmth. Printed fabrics may fade over time.

3. Fading Resistance of Fabrics

Natural fibers will fade quickly. Therefore, they must be used indoors and in cooler areas of the home. Outdoor furniture must have fade-resistant fabrics.

Upholstering furniture is usually a one-off thing as we usually use it for years. It is imperative to proceed with caution and obtain insights and opinions from professionals. If you want to order fabric furniture, please contact us.

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