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What Makes a Good Home

What makes a good home ? this is a question we ask ourselves daily in our work--and one we are seeking to answer with this book.

To CHARLIE spaces, home is much more than a physical place filled with physical objects. It’s an emotional anchor in a world of contrasts. it's a place where you can relax yourself when you feel tired. It’s a place you can feel love and sweetness from our friends and families. It’s a place where life is lived good and bad.

Home is a word with temperature. It’s not only a place for our bodies to rest, but also a harbor for our hearts to dock. Going home is not the key, what really counts is returning to life. At home, live with what you love.

Who We Are

CHARLIE spaces was a new brand founded in 2021, dedicated to bring beauty to every one’s home by seeking for fashionable furnitures with high standards of material and workmanship. We offers a wide range of furnitures such as residential, commercial and hospitality furnitures for the growing aesthetic needs of the younger generation all over the world.

Since we started our own business in 2014, we have gradually been recognized by many customers through continuous hard working and step by step accumulation. Our products always meet the latest trends in the furniture and interior design world. We know from our experience what consumer need and how we can best support our customers.

What we are most proud of is our team. Passionate, hard-working, rigorous, seeking for excellance. From new items development to mass production, from incoming quality control to final quality control, from front-end sales to back-end production, everyone needs to work hard, every work needs to be treated well, by doing so, to ensure the best quality products and best service for our customers. At CHARLIE spaces, we want to inspire change and help all our customers make the right choices.

We are not perfect, but every day we work towards a better tomorrow.

Why Choose Us

800+ products

We provide various furnitures including dining room, living room and bedroom for your choice

100+ new design per year

We gain inspiration for our collection by travelling to different countries and having an eye for luxury and striking products.

Rich experience

10+ years & 45+ countries export experience

220 + partners

Customer satisfaction is our greatest recognition

flexible purchasing

Multiple species and small batch purchasing is beneficial to customers to save buying cost

Top priority to quality

3 times quality control, being rigorous with each step from material to production

2 year warranty

Details determine success or failure, service create value

reliable supply

We attach great importance to the key word “reliable”, as we always believe “ business begins with trust and ends with character “

Some Reasons to Work Together

We Believe in Creativity

Creativity determines the future, which is the core competitiveness of an enterprise whether it can survive and develop in the future market.

We Believe in Quality

We believe quality is the soul of an enterprise, which is the reason why we attach great importance to quality control.

We Believe in Abilities and Characters

By being sincere, helpful and respectful, we improve our abilities, lift each other and creat a better tomorrow for each of us to be our best.

We Believe in the Strength of Believe

We believe in the strength of believe, which is our belief to persevere when encountering difficulties. The greater the suffering, the greater the growth.

Message from the Boss

“ It’s easy to open a business, but it’s hard to keep it open ! Most important to me, is that CHARLIE spaces reflects a set of values that we can be proud of ”


Our Mission

Our mission from the beginning was to be recognized by our customers as the leader in premium home furnishings by exceeding their expections for excellence in quality, fashion, innovation, and service. The mission still continues. We are very proud to present Charlie spaces products to you for consideration in your next interior design project and would be happy to guide you through all of the various products and customization options that our company has to offer. That’s what we do it all for !

We work for a better tomorrow, so you can feel good about your choices today.

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We provide all kinds of furniture, such as residential, commercial and hotel furniture, to meet the furniture needs of various industries. If you need furniture solutions, you can send us your needs, and I will give you within 24 hours Email reply.
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